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This section is going to be where stewards can come and get information for related topics and information concerning grievances and anything else that is pertaining to what stewards might need.


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I have attached a decision tree for Covid related issues to keep handy. There seems to be a serious disconnect from upper-level management and lower-level management specific to what the rules are regarding this issue. Louise and I have addressed this issue with upper management and our NBA. That being said I would ask that you keep us apprised if you come across issues involving improper instructions. I do not believe management is taking this seriously enough so we have to. Here is what you each need to know right now:


  1. Employees are encouraged to take the vaccine. The Postal Service is part of Phase 1B, however they do not have a tentative date yet.
  2. The nurse stated that if someone is exposed to Covid, or tests positive, they will need to self-quarantine for 14 days, but management is not requiring a negative test after the 14 days. An employee who has self-quarantined may return to work after the 14th day, after being cleared by the nurse, if they have no symptoms.
  3. The nurse is going to begin projecting a return-to-work date once they are aware of the situation. That date will be communicated with the employee and management.
  4. Supplies – If you do not have the necessary supplies in your office please let me know so I can notify the person handling this.


The Postal Service is requiring masks for all employees, period. The only exception would involve medical documentation stating the employee cannot wear the mask for health reasons.


Once a carrier reaches their 14 day they should be released to full duty by the OHNA. This is not always happening as some employees are having to wait several days after to get OHNA approval. It is our position that employees forced to wait because the OHNA is too busy to approve the employees return should be paid administrative leave for the additional time they had to wait. We need to start filing grievances on this issue if it occurs to one of the carriers at your station.



Richard Gould

President – Branch 421

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Cell – 210-527-7523

COVID-19 Decision Tree JAN 21,2021
COVID-19 Decision Tree January 21_2021 v[...]
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Stewards please direct your carriers to check out the NEWS tab as news from Tony Boyd or updates about the COVID-19 is being posted and it is going up as fast as it's received.


2021 Bid Vacancy Schedule
2021 Bid Vacancy Schedule.pdf
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Request to see Steward Form
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NALC Shop Stewards' Guide
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Investigating Grievances
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M01667 - Wallet Sized Weingarten Card for Management - Letter From Doug Tulino to Management Regarding Weingarten Rights
M01667 - Wallet Sized Weingarten Card fo[...]
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Residual Carrier Vacancy Awards and Medical Certification
Affected stewards, the new FTRs are currently assigned to the stations below. Check with those offices to see if any of these individuals will be reporting on Saturday. Note: Carrier Technician assignments are not opts and any carrier assignment to one will have to give it up and report to their new assignment.
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Alpha Codes 2021.pdf
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Weekly Article 8 Spreadsheets (Master)
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Equitability Chart - 4th Quarter 2021
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Equitability Chart - 1st Quarter 2022
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