Useful Information

USPS Emergency Contact # in case of natural

disasters - 888-363-7462




Important Contact Information



Shawn Boyd (Region 10 NBA) - 281-540-5627


NALC Supply Office 202-662-2873


OSHA 214-767-4731


SAPD non-emergency 210-207-7273


SA Food Bank 210-337-3663


Postmaster 210-368-8583


Postal Inspectors 1-877-876-2455


Need to contact the USPS Shared Human Resources Center? Use the information below:


Shared Human Resources Center
HRSSC/Compensation & Benefits
PO Box 970400
Greensboro, NC 27497-0400
Call: HRSSC at 1-877-477-3273
Fax: 336-662-4070


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The most complete list of U.S. unions online. Local unions can be found by clicking on a national union's name. Every U.S.-based union with a website -- national and local -- can be found on the Biglabor list in one of three ways: by the union's full name, by its acronym, (examples: UAW, IBT), or by its common shorthand name (examples: Auto Workers, Teamsters).

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Outdated Discipline Records



Brothers and Sisters,


You should do an annual review of your disciplinary file (look at your e-OPF on Lite Blue).  If there is outdated discipline that needs to be thrown out, send a letter to Labor Relations along with a copy of the grievance settlement(s).  A sample letter is attached.  See Article 16.10 of the contract below:



Section 10. Employee Discipline Records


The records of a disciplinary action against an employee shall not be considered in any subsequent disciplinary action if there has been no disciplinary action initiated against the employee for a period of two years.


Upon the employee’s written request, any disciplinary notice or decision letter will be removed from the employee’s official personnel folder after two years if there has been no disciplinary action initiated against the employee in that two-year period.


(Additional discipline procedure provisions regarding City Carrier Assistant Employees are found in Appendix B.).


The purpose of Article 16.10 is to protect employees from having their past records considered when they have shown over a two-year period that they performed their job without incurring any further disciplinary action.


The Step 4 settlement H4N-5G-D 7167, January 5, 1989 (M-00889), provides the following:


A notice of discipline which is subsequently fully rescinded, whether by settlement, arbitration award, or independent management action, shall be deemed not to have been “initiated” for purposes of Article 16, Section 10, and may not be cited or considered in any subsequent disciplinary action.