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Carrier Vacancy Posting No 268758 (01-12-2022)
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Carrier Vacancy Posting No 263130 (10-29-2021)
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City Carrier award posting #263130 (11-16-2021)
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City Carrier Vacancy Award Posting #259961 (10-04-2021)
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Please review the attached documents below.  The procedures listed will assist any carrier identified as the senior bidder (temporarily disabled) versus successful bidder in securing the bid assignment.


The first page is a letter that comes from Health and Resource Management (HRM) to advise you on what you need to do to certify you will be able to carry the route in six months. The letter also contains an attachment with the functional requirements of the job.  Carriers, DO NOT WAIT FOR THIS LETTER TO COME TO YOU!!!  Article 41 and the National MOU 00752 only give you 10 days from the date of the award posting to get that letter to the postmaster’s office and Health and Resource Management (HRM).  That information is also on the first page of every bid vacancy award posting. 


What we strongly encourage carriers in this situation to do is download the attached functional requirements letter (and the example letter of physician approval) after you receive notification you are the senior bidder.  Once downloaded, go to the doctor and get him/her to complete the letter.  The use of official physician letterhead or doctor’s stamp is strongly encouraged.  Last, make sure HRM and the Postmaster’s office receives the documentation within 10 days.  Send it certified or drop it off and keep a copy for yourself.

Bidding Options



If the IVR Job Bidding Line (800)265-7208 isn’t working, you can also call your bid(s) in by telephone at Shared Services.  Call 1-877-477-3273, Option 2.  You can also use eJob Bidding on Lite Blue (http:/  All of these options are listed on the front page of the Bid Vacancy Posting.


If you are not able to bid using any of the methods above Please fill out a BiD Card (PS Form 1717 or 1717A) below and email it to or fax it to 210-226-8119 prior to the close date.


PS Form 1717 - Single Route Bid Card
Use this form if you are only bidding on one route.
PS Form 1717 - Single Route Bid Card.PDF
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PS Form 1717A - Multiple Assignment Bid Card
Use this form if you want to bid on more than one route.
PS Form 1717A - Multiple Assignment Bid [...]
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Seniority and Relative Standing Rosters


FY22 Q2 - FT City Carrier - Senority Rep[...]
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FT City Carrier - Senority Report - FY22[...]
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FY22 Q2 - PTF Seniority Report.pdf
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FY22Q1 - PTF Seniority Report.pdf
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CCA Relative Standing List JANUARY 2022
FY22 Q2 - CCA - Senority Roster.pdf
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Pay Periods 2021
Pay Periods 2021.pdf
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Alpha Codes 2021.pdf
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Carrier Route Listing


Carrier Route Listing - August 2021
Carrier Route Listing - August 2021.xlsx
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Carrier/Route Listing for San Antonio Color Codes


Attached is a copy of the current Carrier/Route Listing. Enclosed is a list of all city carrier routes for each station (no auxiliary routes) and the full-time regulars that are assigned to each route.  This is a tool you can use (along with the annual bid schedule) to keep you informed and aware of the staffing requirements in your office.  When vacancies occur, you need to be the voice in management’s ear to ensure these vacancies are filled promptly.  In instances where that hasn’t happened, you may have to file a grievance based on Article 41.1.A.1.  A side benefit is you get to know the names of all the carriers in your office (which every steward should know anyway). Below is an example of what usually accompanied the listing  to you right after the most recent bid award cycle was completed.


 Attached is current carrier/route listing for the entire city as of 2/3/2021.  When reading the listing for your station, please be mindful of the color codes and their meaning.  They are as follows:


 Red – The routes had no successful bidder this past bid cycle and will become a residual vacancy and assigned to an unassigned regular (UAR) by juniority if any are present in the San Antonio installation.


 Red & Yellow – This is a confirmed residual vacancy by the Rio Grande District and no UAR’s are present.  These routes are supposed to get filled through conversion of a CCA or from a transfer listed on eReassign.


 Green – 204b carriers assigned to a specific route.


 Lt Blue – The routes have been or will become vacated by 01/30/2021 and should be posted for bid on 2/12/2021.


 Purple – The carrier awarded the previously vacant route and their reporting date.


 Brown – Unassigned regulars (UAR).


There should be at least 31 routes identified as vacancies (30 from the previous bid award and one T-6 string from Dobie that was taken from a 204B) as of today that should be posted on the next bid vacancy posting. If there are more vacancies than what is listed (transfers out, separations, retirements, resignations) contact management and get them to post the vacancy no later than 2/10/2021.  This office must be notified as well.  Vacancies identified after that date WILL NOT be posted until the next bid cycle.  We have a lot of new stewards so please review every single route  and ensure a regular carrier is assigned to the route and it matches your listing.  If you don’t know where they are, find out.  Make sure you get your vacancies in by the deadline.  Also, please let me know if you see any discrepancies. I will be looking at 204B assignments that have lasted 4 months. If you are aware of any at your stations please file to get them pulled and posted. Get me a copy of the settlement. Thanks.



Richard Gould

President – Branch 421

Office – 210-227-0128

Cell – 210-527-7523