This page contains general information regarding uniforms as well as a list of uniforms representatives in San Antonio.


-Year 1 allowance/voucher is provided at the 90 day mark after hiring. Example: hire date is Jan 1 2023, allowance eligibility date is April 1 2023
-Year 2 allowance/voucher is provided at the 90 day mark after their break in service, this should align with the year 1 date. Example: break in service is Jan 1 2024, allowance eligibility date is April 1 2024
-The following year when the CCA becomes a PTF/regular (January 1 2025) they will wait their 90 days (April 1 2025) and management can submit the Uniform Allowance Request Worksheet to obtain their uniform credit card via Citibank. 
**If a CCA converts to career status prior to the 2 year mark: they will still need to wait until their uniform eligibility date to request their uniform credit card. Two conditions must be met: 90 days post conversion to career and 365 from their last CCA Uniform eligibility. You cannot get two allowances in one year.**




Section 1. Uniform Control Committee

Section 1. Uniform Control Committee The parties agree that the National Joint Labor-Management Uniform Control Committee shall be continued. The Committee shall be composed of a representative of the Union and a representative of the Employer. The Chair of the Committee shall alternate each meeting between the Union and the Postal Service. The Committee shall meet at least once each three months and at such other times as may be necessary or as requested by either of the parties. The Committee shall have jurisdiction to consider the matters set out below and all non-cost matters pertaining to the Uniform Allowance Program, including but not limited to, the uniform items or work clothes items for which allowances are applicable; the design, color, quality and fabrics of authorized reimbursable items. All employees who are required to wear uniforms or work clothes shall be furnished uniforms or work clothes or shall be reimbursed for purchases of authorized items from duly licensed vendors. The current administration of the Uniform and Work Clothes Program shall be continued unless otherwise changed by this Agreement or by the Employer based on recommendations of the Committee. “Wear-out” periods for uniform items being changed or replaced shall be determined by the Committee and appropriate recommendations made after giving full consideration to the type of changes being made, the economic effect upon the employees involved for replacement, and the overall appearance of the uniform. The Committee shall establish its own rules of procedure. Recommendations of the Committee shall be addressed to the Postmaster General or his designee.


Section 2. Annual Allowance

The annual allowance for eligible employees in the reimbursable uniform program shall be as follows:


A. Effective May 21, 2021 the annual allowance for all eligible employees shall be increased from $464.00 per annum to $487.00 per annum. The increase shall become effective on the employee’s anniversary date. Effective May 21, 2022 the annual allowance for all eligible employees shall be increased from $487.00 per annum to $499.00 per annum. The increase shall become effective on the employee’s anniversary date. NALC-USPS Joint Contract Administration Manual-March 2022 Page 26-1


B. A newly eligible employee entering the reimbursable uniform program will receive an additional credit to the employee’s allowance as follows: Effective May 21, 2021 - $113.00 if entitled to $487.00 per annum. Effective May 21, 2022 - $116.00 if entitled to $499.00 per annum. An eligible employee cannot receive this additional credit more than once; however, the current procedures regarding employees transferring from one allowance category to another shall be continued.



Section 3. City Carrier Assistant (CCA)

When the CCA has completed ninety (90) work days, or has been employed for 120 calendar days, whichever comes first, the CCA will be provided with an annual uniform allowance equal to the amount provided to career employees in Section 2.A. Time served as a Transitional Employee will count toward the 90/120 day requirement. The uniform purchases are reimbursed by the Postal Service directly to the vendor. Uniforms will be returned by CCAs separated and not reappointed. 


Listed below are several our local Uniform Representatives to call for all your uniform needs: