Rolando testifies about postal legislation before House committee

Rolando testifies

On Feb. 7, NALC President Fredric Rolando testified before a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on the Postal Service Reform Act of 2017 (H.R. 756).

Bipartisan postal reform bills introduced

Reps. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) and Stephen Lynch (D-MA) have introduced postal bills similar to ones introduced in the 114th Congress. Click here to read more.

Postal reform update: A changed political landscape requires a new strategy

Postal reform has strong bipartisan support and our goals have not changed. Our strategy, of course, will have to change to reflect the new political landscape in Washington, DC. Click here to read more.

House Oversight Committee holds hearing to discuss plan for 115th Congress

The House Oversight Committee held a hearing to review a proposed document that lays out priorities for 2017, including sections on the U.S. Postal Service and the federal workforce. Click here to read more.

MERIT Act would remove workplace due process rights

Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) recently introduced the Modern Employment Reform and Transformation Act, a bill to make it easier for agencies to fire federal employees. Click here to read more.

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H.Res. 15 (six-day mail delivery):
96 co-sponsors


H.Res. 28 (door delivery):
99 co-sponsors


H.Res. 31 (service standards):
93 co-sponsors

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Congressional bill tracker

As the 114th Congress continues to consider various legislative proposals, NALC is keeping an eye on it all—the good, the bad and the ugly. While some of these bills benefit the Postal Service and NALC members, many are unfortunately detrimental to all federal employees. Click here to check out our online bill tracker.

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H.Res. 12 (six-day):
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H.Res. 28 (door delivery):
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H.Res. 54 (service standards):  Fact Sheet


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The proposal to close and consolidate 82 mail-processing facilities in 37 states continues to attract the ire of Congress. During the August recess, 50 senators sent a letter to Senate appropriators denouncing the plan. Last week, in a major move, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) added his signature to the letter, which asks appropriators to impose a one-year moratorium on closures and consolidations to give Congress time to enact meaningful postal reform legislation.

In the House, a virtually identical letter was written by Reps. Dave Joyce (R-OH) and Ron Kind (D-WI); it ended up garnering 160 signatures from Republican and Democratic House members alike.

Last week, Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee Chairman Tom Carper (D-DE) and ranking member Tom Coburn (R-OK) sent their own joint letter to Senate appropriators not just to oppose the moratorium but also, once again, to try to breathe life into their own postal bill (S. 1486), which is deservedly failing to gain the support it needs to move any further in the legislative process.

To help prevent service cuts, the four postal unions—along with the Coalition for a 21st Century Postal Service, which represents a broad cross-section of the mailing community—sent a letter to Senate appropriators to emphasize that both business leaders and labor unions are opposed to S. 1486 and that an alternative approach that maintains service standards and preserves services and jobs is possible.

While the requested moratorium language on closings and consolidations is not being considered as part of a short-term CR, discussions on that subject will continue as Congress discusses a long-term CR, which is expected to be approved during the lame-duck session in December. As talks about postal reform continue with Congress and among the business and labor communities, we will keep you posted.

Door delivery resolution

As a reminder, please continue to urge your House member to sign on as a co-sponsor to H. Res. 711, if he or she has not already signed on. The latest list of co-sponsors can be found here. The mere fact that a majority of the House supports the six-day resolution (H. Res. 30) has really strengthened our defense and has helped us fend off attacks on Saturday mail delivery service. We need to make sure the same holds true for congressional support of door-to-door delivery.

Support S. 316 & H.R. 630: The NALC is pleased to endorse Senate bill S. 316 offered by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). “This legislation addresses many of the key issues facing the U.S. Postal Service,” NALC President Fredric Rolando said, “and would help it return to financial stability while protecting
the services offered to Americans and their businesses throughout the country. Of particular importance to postal customers and to the future of the USPS itself, the bill continues the six-day delivery schedule that has been the law for 30 years.” Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) has introduced a similar bill in the House, H.R. 630.