USPS Employee Assistance Program  

This page was created in order for an employee to receive assistance from the EAP to cope with and overcome whatever challenges they are facing in their lives. Please feel free to look on this page for information on the EAP program and how it can help you.  We will update this page as new information comes in.



Here is an e-mail from Maria Byndom, EAP Consultant, to Tony Boyd our Union President: 


Good Afternoon!


If I have met you before; hello again! If I have not, I am Maria, the District Consultant with the EAP for the Rio Grande! I am writing to send along some new information/handouts regarding COVID-19 from the EAP. I have also sent these to the District but wanted to make sure the Unions have access also. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions/concerns or if you need any additional information from the EAP!


Warm Regards,


Maria Byndom, MS, LPC, CCMHC

District EAP Consultant – Rio Grande, USPS

10221 Desert Sands Suite #102 | San Antonio, TX 78216

T: 210-344-5380 or 1.800.EAP4YOU

New Directions |

1-800-EAP4YOU (1-800-327-4968)

TTY: 1-877-493-7341


You can call the EAP or go to the website

24 hours a day for information and help. 


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