COVID 19 Information

Steps for Reporting a COVID-19 issue


Report the information to the email address below. They will give you an estimated return to work unless you develop symptoms. If reported properly this will be paid leave through the Emergency Federal Employee Leave (EFEL). The information regarding what qualifies under EFEL is listed below.


If you are reporting a new case, for the purpose of expediting the intake process the following information will need to be included:


Employee Name:



Last Day Worked:

Employee Job Title: 

Facility EE works:

Zip Code for facility:

Facility phone number:

Manager / Supervisor Name: 

Manager / Supervisor Cell Number:


Please contact me and let me know you received this information also if you need anything else.


Louise Jordan (210) 227-0128




The Emergency Federal Employee Leave (EFEL)


Effective March 12, 2021, the American Rescue Plan Act (Act) provides employees with up to 600 hours of paid Emergency Federal Employee Leave (EFEL). This leave is available to employees beginning on March 12, 2021, and continuing through September 30, 2021 or until the funding established in the Emergency Federal Employee Leave Fund (EFEL) for reimbursement is exhausted. The leave is available to eligible employees who are unable to work due to one of eight qualifying reasons as summarized in the chart below:


1. Is subject to a Federal. State. or local quarantine or isolation order related to COVID-19.

2. Has been advised by a health care provider to
self-quarantine due to concerns related to COVID-19.

3. Is caring for an individual who is subject to
such an order as in (1) or has been so
advised as in (2.


4. Is experiencig COVID-19 symptoms and seeking a medical diagnosis.

5. Is caring for the employee's son or daughter if
the school or place of care of the son or daughter has been closed, requires or makes optional a virtual learning instruction model, requires or makes optional a hybrid of in-person and virtual teaming instruction models, or if the child care provider of the son or daughter is unavailable, due to COVID-19 precautions.

6. Is experiencing any other substantially simiar

7. Is caring for a family member with a mental or
physical disabity or who is 55 years of age or
older and incapable of self-care, without regard
to whether another individual other than the
employee is avaiable to care for such family
member, if the place of care for such family
member is dosed or the direct care provider is
unavailable due to COVID-19.

8. Is obtaining immunization (vaccination) related
to COVID-19 or is recovering from any injury,
disability, illness, or condition related to such


EFEL Officers Memo (Tulino 3-12-2021)
This memo provides the most recent information regarding EFEL
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