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15. Section 2. Grievance Procedure—Steps Informal Step A (a)  Any employee who feels aggrieved must discuss the grievance with the employee’s immediate supervisor within fourteen (14) days of the date on which the employee or the Union first learned or may reasonably have been expected to have learned of its cause. This constitutes the Informal Step A filing date. The employee, if he or she so desires, may be accompanied and represented by the employee’s steward or a Union representative. During the meeting the parties are encouraged to jointly review all relevant documents to facilitate resolution of the dispute. The Union also may initiate a grievance at Informal Step A within 14 days of the date the Union first became aware of (or reasonably should have become aware of) the facts giving rise to the grievance. In such case the participation of an individual grievant is not required. An Informal Step A Union grievance may involve a complaint affecting more than one employee in the office.

An employee or union representative must discuss the grievance with the employee’s immediate supervisor within fourteen calendar days of when the grievant or the union first learned, or may reasonably have been expected to learn, of its cause. The date of this discussion is the Informal Step A filing date.



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If you are having problems obtaining dog spray, please inform your safety captains and the branch immediately.  As for mosquito repellant, I have been engaged in discussions with the Postmaster on the issue and their stance is, they aren’t required to provide it.  We don’t agree and we are addressing the issue through the grievance process, District Safety and OSHA.  In the interim, if you are making personal purchases of insect repellant supplies that fine, do what you have to do for yourself on the route, but it is suggested that you save any receipts you may have.  You could be possibly reimbursed for your expenses in the future.  



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This message is directed at any former CCA that is converted to full-time regular If you have not received a uniform credit card (and there’s a few who haven’t), you must go to the station manager (let the steward for your office know as well) and tell them you need for them to fill out the application online on the USPS Blue Page (see below).  Give them one service week to get it done.  Check back with them at the end of the week and if it hasn’t been done, let the steward and this branch know immediately.   Immediately means just that too, not when you decide to get around to it.   Taking management’s word is NOT acceptable, you should ask for and receive a copy of the completed Uniform Allowance Request Form.  NOTE:  If you were converted to FTR before the CCA term you were working was completed, you will not be eligible for a credit card, until that term ends.  If your uniform anniversary date comes up before then, you are still entitled to your uniform allowance, but you will have to obtain another Uniform Authorization Letter from the station manager, just as you did as a CCA.  Once that term is completed, then immediately apply for your credit card using the procedures just mentioned.



1. All Uniform Allowance inquiries should be sent to Human Resources Shared Services Center (HRSSC) Uniform Allowance email account

2. The Uniform Allowance Request Form is located on the HR Blue website:  http://blue.usps.gov/hr/pay-benefits/benefits/uniform-program.htm


• Select Career Employees

• Select Uniform Allowance Request Interactive Worksheet

• Once you have completed the request, select 'Email to HRSSC Uniform Allowance' to the right of the form




Yesterday a carrier had mail stolen from their vehicle when they were attempting delivery of a certified letter.  How did it happen?  The carrier left the window down and was out of visual sight and the immediate vicinity of the vehicle.  When the carrier came back, the residual mail and DPS were missing from the working tray.  The carrier was relieved of duty and suspended without pay.  Please follow vehicle security procedures at all times.  You never know who is out there and it doesn’t even take a minute for something to go wrong when you deviate from those procedures. 





Attached is an example of the uniform authorization letter you should receive from your station manager after you complete probation, so you can purchase uniforms.  If you did not receive a letter from the manager that looks like the example in the attachment to this email, no uniforms have been ordered for you…period.  This is the first step of the process.  Once you receive the letter, you can visit with one of the vendors that come to the station or call the union hall for assistance.  This and more information on the uniform authorization program can be found in Chapter 26 of the Joint Contract Administration Manual.


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 CCA Members,


 The union settled the city class action grievance on the uniform allowance for CCA carriers who meet the 90/120 day requirement according to Article 26.  Attached is a copy of the settlement and a copy of all the purchases made for eligible CCA employees.  If your name is on the list but you haven’t received your uniforms yet, please check with the station manager to ensure the order is on its way.  Get with the steward if you need some assistance in this area.  Call the union hall if necessary.  


 Tony Boyd, President

NALC Branch 421


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If a management official instructs you to bring back mail (like at the end of the day), cover your ass and do the following as a minimum:  Bring the mail directly to the supervisor, do not place it at a case or anywhere else until you have presented it to a supervisor and received instructions.  Also, request a PS Form 1571 (two copies) and have management sign them  and keep one for yourself.


 MOU on CCAs being temporarily assigned to other post offices: NALC and the Postal Service have agreed on a memorandum of understanding M-01827, which defines the process for temporarily assigning city carrier assistants (CCAs) to other post offices.

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